How to Get Cheaper Hotels fares ?

March 18, 2019

Are you planning a vacation and you wonder How to get Cheaper Hotels Fares ?


Here at Hotel Savonarola Florence we have the answer .

In the last years , since the middle of the 90's hotels business has completely changed and Online Travel Agencies keep competing to offer world travellers the promised "Best Internet Rate " .

Online Trave Agencies have also imposed , until 2018, contracts where hoteliers must agree to never offer a lower price than the one offered on their sites.

Things have changed now and even travellers , are able to get cheaper hotels fares if they really want.

No Matter what Booking, Expedia or Tripadvisor think.

Hotel Savonarola suggestions are :

- Always look for the Hotel Website and see if there is a lower rate 

-Find Hotels email or phone number and, in case you found a better deal on Booking and Partners , ask if they can make it a bit discounted so that you can book with the hotel directly.

- Consider that hotels must pay a commission that turns around 15-25% to Online Travel Agencies so don't ask for a 20% discount but a decent discount like between 5 to 8 %


Are you ready to search for Hotels best Rates ?





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